Pas de routine, seulement quelques habitudes

  • Pleine lune devant Vagabond

"No routine, only a few habits. Some people wonders how our days are occupied. So, after an hearty breakfast, the first thing done is to send the weather report to Longyearbyen’s airport. Then, we devote ourself to writing emails, articles or our logbook. While Nael’s doing his school work, the interior is cleaned up. We also have to sweep the back deck to avoid it freezing. We can go and get some ice or snow to the stock of water in cans. We do some ice measurements too. We have to feed the dogs and we devote a little time to them. On board, there’s always some work to do: DIY, sewing, cooking… Thanks to the diesel stove, the temperature is about 15 degrees and we cook on it too. The generator is running two hours a day and the windmill supply to the electric requirement. And we use candles to save it. After diner, we watch films, read or write. For sure, we are living every moment to the full but time’s going by very quickly!" Amélie et Hervé