Transit moscovite

  • France Leonie Eric Provideniya 27sept2009

On 21st September, Le Manguier crossed Bering Strait, few days after the yachts RXII and Explorer of Sweden. This second North-East passage, France and I experienced it with our little family, with an unusual crew, on board an amazing boat! 3 days later, in Provideniya, a little team "artist-cameraman-photographer-pilot" disembarked, with 150 kg of equipment, including few kilos of precious pictures. Other projects and already late season pushed us reasonably to come back to Europe by air ways. After 8 days exciting and full of developments in Chukotka (another story...), France, Léonie, Tristan and I left Anadyr today, while snowing. Few hours later, our plane was flying above Tiksi, covered with white as well. Then, it was passing close to Begichev Island, then south of White Island, then Vaigach Island... What an impression to do again, so quickly, in the opposite direction, most part of our journey! We are now on transit in Moscow, the opportunity to meet some of our friends. Far from here, in Aleut Islands (not in Japan anymore), Le Manguier should be getting ready for the winter, while the rest of the crew is at least having some rest.