• En attente dans le pack

Here we are, Ecotroll dropped anchor in Greenland! At third attempt, breaking or pushing drifting ice, the aluminium hull found her way to the village of Ittoqqortoormiit. It took us almost 24 hours to do the last 10 miles, sometimes waiting for pack ice to release us: the anchor was dropped on a big ice floe, on which we could walk a bit and stiff our legs! While drifting with pack ice, up to 1 km/h away from our destination... What a pleasure to start sailing, silently, using electric engines, when ices are scattering again.

From Iceland, the trip was less than two days, to enter the great fjord of Scoresbysund. Good sea, jumping whales, curious dolphins, midnight sun, and then a field of huge icebergs on our arrival!

France and I are happy to be back here, with our two daughters and our team-mates. Five years ago, we were coming from Spitsbergen with Vagabond, for ornithology and geology projects. We could not reach the village before the end of July. This year, Ecotroll is the first boat!

Position (Google Maps).