Autour d'Ittoqqortoormiit

  • Glissades estivales

While we are getting ready to take Ecotroll out from the sea, to change two little gaskets, we are staying around Ittoqqortoormiit. The village is not anymore protected by drifting ice, all is gone since last gale (over 60 knots gust). Swell sometimes makes us look for a shelter in the nearest fjords, it is often difficult to go to shore. Many visitors on board; Greenlandic, but also travellers as Vernay brothers, and then our friend Michael Charavin, with their team-mates, they brought items for us. On Wednesday, we did a small talk on board Bremen, a German cruise ship: France and Léonie enjoyed very much the swimming pool! In the village, everybody is waiting for the supply ship, on 28th July. She is coming twice a year only...

Since we arrived in Greenland, we didn't run the diesel engines, solar panels and wind generators keep charging batteries. The wood stove has not been used either since we left Iceland, sun is heating very well the saloon, thanks to all windows. We still enjoy very much Arctic summer!

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