Eté ou hiver ?

  • Site hivernage Vagabond 2 novembre 2011

In France, summer time ended on 30 October. On board Vagabond (and in all North America), summer time will end on 6 November. Then we will have again six hours difference with Brest, our home port.

From our pack ice, summer seems to be far behind! Also after a so easy and so quick freezing in period (ice is over 40 cm thick already), it needs some imagination to subscribe to some documentaries about global warming. Yes, our planning is now letting us more time to look at the little on board film collection. This is not like attending a good film festival, like Adventure Screens in Dijon, with which we had a live phone link today.

For now, tracks around the boat are only from polar bears, foxes, hares, lemmings, common ravens... and ours. In a few days, tracks from first visitors should be added, from Grise Fiord. The 48 km of pack ice are almost passable by skidoos and dog sleds.