Essais divers pour manips scientifiques

  • Eric depart manip avec traineau

Every three days, I carry the CTD to the middle of the fjord to measure water temperature and salinity, according to depth. Along the way, the icemeter is recording pack ice thickness, on the return trip as well. Temperatures dropped the last few days, and batteries were getting too low before I was back to the boat. So I connected the icemeter, the little computer and the GPS to a big 12 volts battery (similar to a car battery). And to be able to get the CTD down to the seabed, what was not possible with the longest rope available, I set up the winch, with its 600 meters line, on the big sledge. So yesterday, I had more than 100 kg to pull, when we just had twenty centimetres of new snow, and temperature was close to -35°C! It took me more than five hours, the CTD and the GPS were frozen, I didn't get any data. Today, less ambitious, I took the small pulka and the rope again, and I kept the CTD in my overall until I was ready to plunge it in the water. It was not very comfortable but efficient: results are looking good, although temperature was almost -40°C. Each field work is a little adventure!