L'ours de la pleine lune

  • Fuite de l'ours

I was wondering why I woke up at 4 in the morning, and why the camera tripod fall down on the ice... But tracks in the snow can tell: a polar bear came up to Vagabond, cautiously. Some noise might have scared him because he turned back suddenly, then came up again doing a large curve. Then he explored the girls game's track, then took on the camera tripod, then had a look at a kind of long rope tight between the boat and a big tripod. He freed a shovel, hooked on to a pulley that started rolling fast towards him on the tighten rope! Tracks of jumps and piss show his fear and escape. I didn't think that a game would become an alarm! Soon dogs will be here to watch over our refuge. In the meantime, things are happening here, full moon nights.