• Feu mouillage Vagabond

Winter solstice is in five weeks, but already our head lamps are useful at midday, outside, even when the sky is clear. Inside, a candle or the kerosene lamp is lighted at lunchtime. Our fjord is huge, but space becomes more intimate, more friendly, in the circle of these lights. Polar night is arousing imagination. When the weather is fine, we can still distinguish cliffs and mountains, ten or fifteen kilometres around, standing out against white and uniform pack ice. The little light on top of the mast, visible from the middle of the fjord, where I go two or three times a week for scientific work, looks small but reassuring and welcoming. It can stay on all day because it is LED bulb, using very little electricity. Unfortunately, our friends from Grise Fiord didn't see it yesterday: once more, they could not find a safe way across pack ice, too thin, separating us from the village. They should try again next Saturday or Sunday. We are looking forward to welcome them on board, and to get back in touch with our neighbours, not seen since 6 October!