Mémorable anniversaire

  • Manasie et Norman
  • Aurore 2 ans

Last night, around midnight, I suddenly see some light from outside. Two headlights are approaching Vagabond! Norman and Manasie managed to come all the way from Grise Fiord, one by skidoo, the other one with ATV. Packice was very thin at some places, they tell us while giving us a big box full of mail. It took them more than ten hours to cover the fifty kilometres: some technical problems with the skidoo, fragile and fractured sea ice, but above all, they had to wait for the dogs, running in their tracks! Our three new companions are not yet here. In the meantime, Norman and Manasie can have something to eat, dry the skidoo spark plugs, give us a model of harness, two chains and some seal meat for the dogs, as well as kamiks for Aurore who is having her two years old birthday today! It is a great pleasure for us all to welcome our first visitors, and to have news from town, where people are already getting ready for Christmas parties. Tired, Norman and Manasie decide to drive back to Grise Fiord, it is nearly 3am Monday morning, but the dogs are not yet here... We go to sleep for a few hours, then we are relieved to discover that the dogs arrived. As for Léonie and Aurore, they slept so well all night that they did not hear anything! Before repairing the generator with the long-awaited pump, it is time for the party we have been preparing for the last few days for Aurore.