Depuis l'espace

  • Image radar 22 novembre 2011

Packice is still not safe between Grise Fiord and Vagabond, as we can see on this view from the space. Explanations by Jean-Yves Lebras, from CLS Toulouse:

"This image is the result of ENVISAT satellite acquisition with its radar sensor ASAR (Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar). This satellite is operated by ESA (European Space Agency).

SAR images are offering today significant potential to observe and watch marine environment. Detection of oil pollution from ships, sea state analysis, wind field, iceberg detection, sea ice chart... at unequalled space resolution, day and night.

Grey levels are representing the electromagnetic wave power received by the radar. On sea ice, power of retrodiffusion depends on ice density, surface roughness and fracturation.

Images are sent to Vagabond in the context of the European project SIDARUS, coordinated by Norwegian Institute NERSC. This project is developing new applications and new services based on satellite data in high latitudes (navigation assistance, animals movements and habitat monitoring particularly). CLS, partner of this project, is acquiring and analysing ENVISAT radar data, and then compressing and sending them to Vagabond from Brest VIGISAT station ("