• Campement de la patrouille des rangers au crepuscule

Here it is. The sun came out entirely yesterday, well above the horizon, without any cloud. "It's too much dazzling!" said Léonie, while Aurore was smiling, mesmerized; the past few days, when we were showing her the heralding light, she was repeating "it's the moon". She is two years old and after four months without sun, she just forgot about it.

It's during our first sunbath (short by -40°C) that the rangers from Grise Fiord appeared. What a surprise to see coming six snowmobiles and six heavy sledges! And to recognize Liza, Lisa, Jason, Jarloo and Imooshie! A military supervisor is here to watch them work during a three days patrol. Their mission is to look after Canadian Territory. Once they spotted a Russian submarine, a few years ago. In the end, the patrol decide not to go any further and to set up the camp for two nights near Vagabond. We are so glad to have neighbours! Today is the traditional day, they will go hunting in the area for seal, polar bear, muskox, caribou...

Friday, I lost the weight for the probe. It was cold and it got stuck in the hole, in the ice. When hitting it with the handle of the shovel, I could free the weight but the line was cut and it's now on the seabed (-130m). Léonie suggested me to use stones to replace it, but the weight must go through a 5cm diameter hole!