Fiord froid

  • Traces d ours repu
  • Exploration Fjord Cap Sud
  • Banquise deformee par glacier

Sun is shining on South Cape Fiord, beautiful, but temperatures are still low. -46°C yesterday morning, when I was leaving Vagabond with the icemeter to explore, at least, the packice of our long fjord: the glacier front is at more than 30km, we came close by boat and then on foot six months ago. On the way, many polar bear tracks and polar foxes tracks. There, a seal hole had a visitor, a well-fed polar bear rolled in the snow many times. At some places, ice is very much uneven, pushed by glaciers that nothing can stop, not even winter. Cracks and fall of seracs are ringing out between the shores of the fjord.

About the hidden part of the ice, the under water video is showing us a hull clear from ice on the bottom, even propellers are free to turn. Amazing!

During the day, while solar panels are charging batteries, sun is heating our panoramic roof, green house effect is highly enjoyable.

France prepared the polar fox skin, dogs have eaten the meat and are keeping an eye on two ravens that cannot stop steeling pieces of seal fat.

On board, we are getting ready to welcome the photographer Jean Gaumy, and Léonie is happy to set up in the same cabin with Aurore.