Dans le blizzard

  • Premier essai ballon solaire
  • Bouee Ukiuq installee le 11 mars

After meeting some of our friends from Grise Fiord, who are taking him to see muskox while I'm preparing the snowmobile, Jean is getting in the big sleigh to go to Vagabond. Time to go for 50km of packice, it's -40°C. I'm stopping several times on the way to check my passenger, as well as the icemeter (in the pulka behind the sleigh), and to better tie up a frozen seal trying to give us the slip!

From the day he has arrived, Jean Gaumy is observing, contemplating, and composing his images with material and light, by dint of having much fingers numb with cold! Especially when he is coming all day with me for more measurements with the icemeter in South Cape Fiord.

In his luggages, he brought courageously the buoy Ukiuq. We deploy it not far from Vagabond on 11 March. A phone exchange with students from Ice sentries, a project organized by Délires d'encre, CNES and Sicoval (Toulouse), happened two days earlier.

12 March: first flight, successful, with a solar balloon! Aerial pictures are not yet perfect, but we wait for the end the blizzard, blowing since yesterday, to try another flight.

France has had strange dizzy spells for the past two days, our main satellite connection is not working since 5 March, and Grise Fiord health centre, is closed because of bad weather (100km wind last night)... Happily, we could speak to our doctor with our second Iridium phone, and France is feeling much better! Temperature increased up to -15°C, all condensation ice is melting inside the boat._