Si proche de Grise Fiord

  • La banquise se compacte contre la cote

Surrounded with icebergs but protected by shallow water, Vagabond stayed eight days at anchor, at a foot of a glacier, on the other side of South Cape Fiord, seven kilometres from the wintering location. The programme was maintenance, alterations and tidying up on board, and picnics on land.

On 17 July, at the end of the day, we decide to sail towards Grise Fiord, while doing some bathymetry, looking for the sill of the fjord, with the deep water echo sounder freshly installed. Remaining pack ice stop us halfway. We spend the night moored to the ice. While the dogs are eating their seal meat portion, a polar bear is approaching on pack ice, then swimming away. Big bearded seals alone, large groups of harp seals, petrels... this non stop show makes up for our slow progress. On 19, wind starts and ice is pushed against shore. Vagabond is listing and lifted up under pressure, a little too close to East Cape, about ten nautical miles from the village. The net slightly relaxed last night, and Vagabond could move away from the rocks. She is still drifting with ice, waiting for a way to open to the East...