Grise Fiord

  • Jeffrey et sa famille accueillent Vagabond a Grise Fiord

Sunday morning, pushed reluctantly by drifting ice, Vagabond is getting close to Fram's wintering site (1899-1900), in Harbour Fiord. Not far from us, about fifteen muskox, more Arctic hares, and many birds breeding in the cliffs. On board, we are playing cards... All of a sudden, around midday, pressure is decreasing. So much that later in the day, we can drop anchor in front of Grise Fiord ! Villagers are happy to be able to sail, since this afternoon too, and several boats come to greet us, starting with Jeffrey and his family. Dogs and kamutik (sleigh) are going back to them. They will also keep some of the scientific equipment, as we will use it next winter, since we decided to come back to Grise Fiord for another winter. And Léonie is staying in their house for one night, happy to meet more children! Before heading for Greenland, we collect a few boxes of food, we send the last philatelic envelops, we post the rest of the scientific equipment, and comply with formalities to exit Canada. A refuelling is not necessary as we still have more than 25% of the 4000 litres taken on board last September. The stop is short, we just have time to see our friends, briefly, and talk about Vagabond's next winter location. Monday evening, while France is steering between ice, looking for a way out of Jones Sound to Baffin Bay, I spend three hours on the deck to pack and tie everything. Heading for Upernavik! Follow our route here.