Coup de vent en cours

  • Renard peu farouche2
  • Coup de vent du 3 mars

Since the light came back the hunters are regularly leaving for several days, in search for caribous, wolves or polar bears. Foxes are roaming around town, we need to be careful as they may have rabies! As for the dogs who manage to detach, it is not always easy to catch, they begin to have itchy legs at the approach of the long sleigh hunts! During gales, it is less cold and the icemeter (EM31) operate without interruption, allowing longer surveys. A spare part for the icemeter is expected, as well as a new CTD. A new burner is also coming for our stove which gets dirty too quickly (no surprise after seven winters), but the mail can take weeks, especially when the plane, only link with the rest of the world, is stuck in bad weather... Last month, it's a baby who arrived suddenly in Grise Fiord, adopted at the age of one week.

Seal hunting under the moonlight with Tom and Joanie, seal and plankton net with Kavavow, Léonie's birthday... see all pictures.