Encore un petit coup de vent

  • Eric CTD
  • Decoupage ours 1

Bad weather is keeping us inside and is encouraging to give news! During a first family picnic yesterday (-25°C), we began to feel the heat of the sun, high enough in the sky now. The day before, it was the Sun Celebration at the school, another opportunity for the people of Grise Fiord to gather in the gym. In the morning, France and I took Vicki Sahanatien on the ice; she came to present to hunters a WWF program on narwhal tagging (migration routes are not well known), she is also studying ice with Christian Haas, for who we work. She could see at work our new CTD (many tests on going) and the EM31-icemeter which seems finally repaired! At the end of the day, after a happy celebration for Stacy's birthday, school friend of Léonie, I showed some pictures to Kavavow about previous weekend, when I follow him to a bear hunt. Three in the same day. First time ever, he said. We were four of us and we spent a night in the nice cabin of Hourglass Bay (set up by the yacht Northanger's crew, in 1999), at 140 km from Grise Fiord. A memorable trip. Three days earlier, it was Tom who suddenly asked me: "Do you want to see a polar bear hunt?". Time to start the snowmobile and to drive a few kilometres on the ice, and we reached the animal, spotted from the village. On March 9, between these two bear hunts, I answered some questions from the Savanturiers's public, by phone, after Rémy Marion's film "Latest news from polar bears"!

It is also the period of cultural programs at school, and students learn how to hunt, how to make a sled or sealskin boots, and they listen to stories told by elders. At a meeting on community development, various projects in progress were discussed: trails and markings for tourists (2 or 3 cruise ships every summer), safe harbour for small boats (more and more exposed to the swell in summer, due to the decline of the ice), youth yurt, playground, shooting range, metal recycling, fishing exploration...