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  • Vagabond Nanisivik 1983

Thirty years ago, Vagabond wintered at Nanisivik (northern Baffin Island), 380 km south of Grise Fiord (south of Ellesmere Island). Since then, and long after the camels, all kinds of travellers have passed through the region (hunters, rangers, sailors, scientists, photographers...). Today, for example, an international team is getting ready to ski across Ellesmere Island (New 2013 Land expedition), while a Russian team is trying to reach the island by truck from Russia via the North Pole (Marine Live-Ice Automobile Expedition)! To the east of the island, the Dutchman Bart is overwintering alone aboard Tranquilo at Fram Haven... On the other side of Baffin Bay, in Greenland, our friends from Gambo are also doing some oceanography from their boat frozen in.