Danse and camping

  • Stage de danse pour tous pendant une semaine
  • Bivouac banquise debut avril

Frenzied week! Each village has its own tradition, three Inuit teachers have come to call the tune. Every evening from 7 to 10pm, the gym sounds of accordion, guitar, bass and drums, which punctuate a wild round. You must be at least 12 and chain figures that one learns on the job, stomping. Eric either does not stop: since the arrival of new instruments working fine, he travels the region without satiety, returning one o'clock in the morning when not camping somewhere along the way. I was able to accompany him on a weekend, happy to prepare quietly our camp near the shore of the fjord (in the wind!) while he was doing measurements to the end of the fjord ... until midnight, this is his time! Happiness to enjoy the nature that never goes out.