• CTD devant glacier qui surge dans fjord du Cap Sud
  • Ice thickness South Cape and Grise Fiords April 6 and 10

I've been stuck in the cabin of the Hourglass Bay for two days, because of bad weather. The beautiful lull yesterday was too short to consider a return to Grise Fiord while measuring the ice thickness in Muskox and Baad Fiords. A recording problem forces me to do it again. Fortunately hydrographic profiles are looking good! Rest, repairs and maintenance, I enjoy the cabin before returning to my tent. I learned that two hunters are stuck in their sleds at Devon Island! I had better luck there last week, the weather was great to cross the Jones Sound to Sverdrup Glacier, near which I pitched my tent (in the end, the bear and her two cubs did not come to me). So I try to go around usefully with the icemeter and the CTD, in places that turn to be more fascinating than each other: Craig Harbour next to the floe edge (what a sight to see suddenly open water!), South Cape Fiord where we spent last winter (it was so strange for me not to find Vagabond)...

Our tent became too small, we just got one ordered by France and we'll celebrate her birthday by going out camping in 4 days!