Break down

After weather stand by and technical problems, skidoo break down. A new reason to enjoy this longer and longer trip, but I will not be back in time for France's birthday!

The weather improved, I left the cabin on Wednesday night. A big bear, then another, have stood in my way. I returned to Muskox Fiord (no muskox this time) with the icemeter (and running!) And I took a short nap in my sled (not the courage to pitch my tent). Before entering the next fjord (Baad), I found a tent! A hunter had finally agreed to come in this area but he left Grise Fiord three days later and got caught by the very bad weather, just after catching a bear. We are glad to be together! After the measurements in Baad Fiord, I was suppose to go back to his tent. Not seeing me back, he thought I left to Grise Fiord, where he learned upon arrival last night I was down in Baad Fiord. Another hunter will soon help me out... A three days trip about to last ten!