Storm in Grise Fiord

From Grise Fiord, the complete female crew (Léonie, Aurore ans me) had to be patient, nicely busy inside the boat during the bad weather: blizzard and white out were never ending, with some picks hardly ever seen up here. Apotheosis with 65 knots gusts (120km/h), a very special day: hamlet closed, health center closed, store closed and school closed! At this time Eric was in the nice and strong cabin in Hourglass Bay. Léonie wanted to play in the wind... I came with her for a while, but Aurore was not allowed to follow us... A neighbour roof almost flew off, one house had no electricity, no heater and no phone, our heavy qamutik went sliding fifty meters away. The next day, Léonie was the one who discovered the four puppies from Bella, one of our last year's dogs, another puppy was just cold and dead. Since then, Eric is back, we went out camping, this time with the whole family, for one night... 23°C bellow 0. The reasons were to test our new tent and celebrate my birthday under the midnight sun!