With Christian Haas

  • Installation timelapse non loin de Grise Fiord
  • Christian et France
  • Christian descente pyramide

Christian Haas, for which we have been doing most of our work in the area of ​ ​Grise Fiord for nearly two years, has just spent a week with us. The main objective was to install three cameras on hilltops to observe the differences of melting and disintegration of the ice of various thickness. One unit is currently on a near Grise Fiord top, two are above Vagabond's previous wintering site in South Cape Fiord. Pictures are taken every 30 minutes and the cameras will be recovered by the end of July, or later in September. It was also an opportunity to do some CTD, to inspect the IMB, without ever separate us from his favorite instrument, the EM31 (with which we have already traveled 2500km for ice thickness measurements this year). An opportunity as well to discuss with hunters in Grise Fiord for possible future collaborations to continue observation of the ice. Christian, thank you for giving us such good excuse to share these memorable journeys!