• Visite officielle de la commissaire du Nunavut a Grise Fiord
  • Un seul eleve pour ceremonie de graduation a Grise Fiord

Tuesday took place the traditional graduation ceremony, for only one student this year in Grise Fiord: read from CBC.

Thursday, Edna Elias, the Commissioner of Nunavut, came for an official visit and to give awards (read NNSL article). Before leaving for Iqaluit, she came to visit us aboard Vagabond this morning. She is representing the Queen for Nunavut.

Another recent highlight: slide-show after the special one-week trip organized for 12 students from Umimmaq school (muskox in Inuktitut, the symbol of Grise Fiord), to Ottawa, the capital of the country, very difficult to access because of the cost of airline tickets. Many funds won by the teacher in charge were supplemented by revenue from brunches, various sales and raffles, organized in the village during the winter.