End of school and camping

  • Dernier jour d ecole pour Leonie
  • France part seule pour 5 jours
  • Camping cap Anstead
  • Chez Raymond a pointe Anstead

End of the school year in Grise Fiord, the kids are on holidays for the summer until mid-August, Léonie left school with many diplomas and gifts! The day before, all the children contributed to pick up garbage popping up everywhere with the melting snow, which attract dogs, ravens, gulls ... Fortunately, no more fox roaming around, they sometimes carry rabies, which was worrying people this winter.

France should be back on Sunday night, she left alone for a five days ski trip. Thursday night, she wrote me "I had to stop at 11pm, too big crack, fog, I'm camping right there, strange atmosphere"...

The previous weekends, we did some family camping near Lee and Anstead Points, east of Grise Fiord. One Sunday, Raymond invited us to his cabin to enjoy his first goose of the year, stating that we were his first guests! He built his cabin in 2012. Not far from there, we were fascinated by the remains of some stone huts from Thule people (1000-1600 AD). Many families are enjoying the beginning of the summer holidays while it is still safe to travel around on the ice, to escape the village, going out camping and hunting... despite a rather wet weather and persistent fog.