Ski trip

  • Entre les oies et les fleurs
  • Banquise detrempee
  • Dormir au milieu de Starnes Fiord

5 days vacation! 5 days with ski and sledge only pacing the ice, to the best of my stride. Only guided by my intuition, the weather... and Mother Nature: a too large crack in the ice skewed my loop into Starnes Fiord. The days are not alike. Skiing for 2 to 8 hours a day, walking around, discovery of a historic site. My wonder is made with the surprises of the mist, the heat of the sun, wind, snow or rain. Meetings? a fox waking me up, ctenophore in the crack, seals, ducks and geese, a bird turning over flat stones tirelessly around the tent. Then four white and empty tents from the camp of a weekend. Mine is set up on ice, gravel or paving stones with some difficulties due to changes in season: 1 hour to pass the foreshore, the blocks of ice between pack ice and land are floating at high tide and are tilted at low tide, sometimes at one meter of each other... Then Brume Point, last turn before Grise Fiord. A snowmobile, ridden by three individuals including two little girls, is coming to meet me, I'm happy to see my family again!