Goodbye South Cape Fiord

  • Retour Vagabond a Grise Fiord

"Léonie ! Léonie ! Léonie !", were chanting her friends while we were approaching the beach by dinghy. Many of our friends from Grise Fiord were here, Saturday evening, to welcome us on our return from Greenland. A little tired after the trip from Qaanaaq, we were all the more moved. Happily we had fair winds, but heavy swell and broken down autopilot. France fall on her head, of no consequence but an unscheduled stop at Carey Islands. Magnificent archipelago, totally uninhabited, but better sheltered than expected, perfect to get some rest. As for Léonie (6) and Aurore (3), they have been in great shape all along the crossing from Greenland to Canada! And they are delighted to be in Grise Fiord since, welcomed by Joanne, the nurse.

France and I left straight away for South Cape Fiord, five hours further. Exceptional weather gave us a chance to accomplish a few missions, and to say goodbye to our unforgettable wintering location (2011-2012). After a short night at anchor, we first had to climb the nearby pyramid to recover two cameras, set up with Christian Haas in May. Little snow after all, very practicable terrain, and a beautiful view. No wind and sunshine, we stayed more than one hour at the summit. Then we couldn't leave the area without doing a CTD in the middle of the fjord, at the usual place. Also two lines of soundings, still looking for more explanations on specific exchanges happening between this fjord and the ocean. Sampling plankton in the end, and we were heading back to Grise Fiord, happy after this little week-end just two of us!

Wind and swell is keeping us on board since last night, we are looking forward to go ashore to see again our friends before sailing South.