Full moon and high

  • Ile Bylot

Vagabond is half way between Grise Fiord and Qikiqtarjuaq (1200km). It's the equinox, France and I have as much night than day watches. Winter is coming early this year, but luckily a nice high set up on our route. The full moon and the sun are allowing us to better see icebergs and admire the very snowy coast of Devon, Bylot and Baffin Islands. Fair or light winds are significantly reducing freezing sprays!

At least, France and I could go ashore in Grise Fiord on Tuesday morning, where we met with Aurore and Léonie, well surrounded. While France was making our entry to Canada official, with Ed and Patrice from the Royal Mounted Police, I was climbing the nearby mountain to pick up the third and last camera. A young dog followed me all the way, sometimes a bit scared in the snowy slopes! In the evening, when it was getting dark, it was time to set sails. Again, many friends came to the shore, this time to say goodbye to each other. A lump in our throats. Two years of sharing, hard to turn over a new leaf.

Yesterday morning, our little family crew woke up at anchor, shelterd by Cape Bathurst (Bylot Island), rested. A polar bear walked on the beach, peacefully. Not long after, Vagabond met her own track from ten years ago, while sailing around the Arctic.

Tomorrow, we will stop in Clyde River, the only village on our way.