Starting and running scientific field work (continued)

  • Carotte du 26 mars
  • Labo Vagabond

Takuli and Piculi, two friendly huskies, have become the guardians of our camp. The ice seems to have swung entirely into spring; the sun shines, the days lengthen, seven hours of sunshine per day currently. A huge tabular iceberg has also topple after fracturing, leaving a chaos of ice remarkable between the boat and the village.

About science, the setting up is intensive. For six hours of fieldwork on the ice (alone, two persons or family) for ice cores, hydrographic survey and water sampling, it then takes five hours non-stop in the aft cabin to do the second part of the work: filtrations of water, mixed with some toxic products, meticulous and varied protocols... all in our makeshift lab where it is not so hot (7°C)! No much time left for family life, additional school, playing with children or nice cooking, excluding routine maintenance of the boat... And yet, it does not include all the required filtrations. We would need more than 24 hours to do the daily work required! Protocols currently being adjusted.

In the village, some are beginning to go for few days with family hunting or fishing. Last Sunday, the diving hole south of Broughton Island was a good rallying point for those who took advantage of the nice day. After a big collect of clams, Eric drove the whole family in the sheltered qamutiq, back to the boat and in the lab for a few more hours of water filtrations...