• Ski chiens
  • David en partance pour Akshayuk Pass
  • France labo Vagabond

The pace is setting up, tasks look more and more routines, and Caroline is coming tomorrow to help. Bloom has started and it is not to miss the event, it is the object of the study commissioned by Takuvik!

The sequence spans two days. Ice station at 20 km southeast of Vagabond, where we installed the weather mast and the current meter: 3 hydrographic profiles + light intensity + fluorescence, down to 100 meters, then water sampling (5 meters depth), and ice cores. Vagabond's Lab (aft cabin): treatment and various filtrations (10 different protocols!), the same day for water, the following day for ice once melted. Here we go again, until the ice breaks up.

Without wind, in the sun, it is almost hot now, mid-day (-15°C, but -27°C in the morning). Perfect for a good family picnic yesterday Sunday. Or for a ski-dog ride Saturday. Early last week, David pitched his tent next to Vagabond for two days before going to Pangnirtung by bike! It was not an April Fool. The day before, it's Charlie who came to taste our clams; nice to share with him, as he told me his techniques to collect them diving under the ice. Passing near the dive site last Thursday, I saw a mother bear and her little cub. We also meet great people in town, or when we have visitors on board...