Early summer

  • France snowkite pano

Summer? We just had two weeks of snow, snow, snow and the sun finally seems to be back for some time. So the ice that was blue with large melt ponds is white again, deceptive; now appear real lakes, open on the bottom. This is a superb yet amazing season, which doesn't tell us much about what is going to happen next: when will the ice break-up? How fascinating material is ice, and all its metamorphoses during melting process. Time to do all kinds of work on board, maintenance, storage, time for snowkiting on ice and large puddles, and we already think in the "sailing dimension" (Vagabond is listing now when it is windy!) while Leonie and Aurore play princesses, cards, school or camping inside and outside. And we swoon over the buds of tiny pink flowers that are slow to hatch!

Soon to go to the village it will take almost an hour walking, avoiding crakcs and too thin ice, since it is time to store the snowmobile. And soon, it will be walking and sailing (dinghy). In short, it means adapting to ever changing ground!