From one party to another one

  • En traineau dans la brume
  • Concours de peche Canada Day

July 1st: Canada Day. The ice is getting very thin in places, fractures widen... but we are still snowmobiling to town, with some detours. The whole family went to the village for the festivities!

July 9: Nunavut Day. This time it is by boat that we reach the village. First with our dinghy, necessary to land on the ice from Vagabond, because our pond is quite large now. Then we have to walk to the ice edge, pulling our dinghy. From Aningaatalik tip, where half a dozen tents are set up, the water is open all the way to town. Some adventurous hunters are still using their snowmobiles.

These events are opportunities to share real feasts (frozen caribou and Arctic char, seal, sea weeds ...), fishing competitions (sculpin), bike races (children), scavenger hunts, dice or skill games...

Meanwhile, in the village, I left the sleds as close as possible to the shore (where they will soon be taken up on land) and I brought the snowmobile to a garage (where it will stay until snow is back). July 2nd, I started to walk back, but I was soon caught up by a skidoo which dropped me near Vagabond!

Visiting our neighboring campers, sharing a tea prepared on a heather fire, getting fresh water from the nearest river, enjoying the wind for some last snowkiting sessions, building up the big kayak and circumnavigating Vagabond (4 of us in the kayak!)... alternately with maintenance and other jobs on board.