• Vagabond depuis le drone
  • Escale a Itilleq

Little and very welcoming village, about 130 inhabitants, peaceful and clean, Itilleq is our last stop in Greenland. We have been in the area for six days, waiting for the best weather to cross Davis Strait (to avoid head winds and freezing sprays). There we are, departure in a few hours for Qikiqtarjuaq!

From September 24th to 26th, Vagabond is in Nuuk, the big city in Greenland: swmimming pool, restaurants, malls, shipshandlers... Eleven years to the day after our first stop in Nuuk (at the end of the Arctic circumnavigation), the capital is well bigger and modernized!

We meet Clementine and Adrien's friends: Jens is pilot for Air Greenland, he has done a lot of search and rescue flights. Thomas has been air traffic controller for many years in Greenland. Above all, they both have their own little planes or helicopter, to travel with their family, like air gipsies. They can go on forever, it is great to share their passion!

As the weather is not good enough to sail strait to Qikiqtarjuaq, we keep following the West coast of Greenland. The very well protected harbour of Maniitsoq is welcoming Vagabond for a short stop, surrounded by mountains attracting mountaineers and skiers. A little later, while sailing, Clementine and Adrien fly the drone a couple of times: magnificent views on our escapade!

Landscape is getting snowy, lakes and streams are freezing, long nights give us more chance to watch northern lights, and the stove is on day and night. Time to reach our winter quarters!

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Pictures of summer 2014 journey.