Ready for winter

  • Chasse au narval
  • Vagabond dans le port de Qikiqtarjuaq
  • Dans l'annexe pour aller a l'ecole

That's it, Vagabond is ready for winter. Fuel, water, food... Maintenance, storage, cleaning... Converting our boat to a hut is done again, we'll be overwintering for the tenth time.

When we arrived in Qikiqtarjuaq, October 6, many children were on the beach shouting "welcome back!". The drone was released to film the end of the long summer journey (almost 7000km). But he fall down into the sea due to some unexplained loss of control!

On October 7, Leonie met with her friends and with her new teacher, while Aurore was entering school for the first time in Nunavut.

On Sunday, 31 boats were hunting narwhals right next to us, what a show!

On Tuesday, Clementine and Adrien flew to southern Canada, looking for a plane for their next long adventure, starting in June.

On Wednesday, France and the girls flew to Paris.

Yesterday I gave the keys of the boat to Yves, the engineer of the village, who will be watching Vagabond awaiting the arrival of my brother Piem. He will then be alone on board for two months until our return in December.

I'm leaving for a one-month trip to Antarctica for IPEV on board [L'Astrolabe](http:

// (follow ship's track here).