Before scientific field work high season

  • Intrigues par le bruit des bulles de Bubble Lake
  • Belle brise pour kiter

Beautiful kiting day for France and me yesterday (Friday 13th!), near Vagabond. It's not every day that the wind setup at 20 knots! Most of the time, the weather here is nice and quiet, so we don't want to miss such an opportunity.

Skis and skins took us out to some nice tours, joyful runs, and Leonie's first summit.

During a picnic at nearby Bubble Lake, stunned by the sound of bubbles under the ice (probably methane), we collected fresh water, clear and pure. Bubbles are slowing down the ice growth, and it is quite easy to access water. Villagers often come to get drinking water. A polar bear has also been there not long before us!

Two evenings per week in March, Lisa teaches Inuktitut for beginners!

On March 8th, Women's Day, Becky Kilabuk and Emily Karpik came to teach throat singing to Qikiqtarjuaq students, and they gave us some explanations and a nice rehearsal session.

A small igloo was born next to Vagabond, lying under the numerous northern lights.