Fishing Derby

  • Arrivee sur le lac du Fishing Derby
  • France Fishing Derby

Our colleague and friend Christian Haas arrived on Thursday for a new sea ice thickness survey. The next day, with France and our daughters, accompanied by Jaypootie and his family, we all leave together toward Nedlukseak. This is where is held the 2015 Fishing Derby, organized by the residents of Qikiqtarjuaq. Key event in the life of the village, we are all delighted to be able to perform our work while accepting the invitation of the villagers.

The lake is 130 km north of the village. It snowed so much that sometimes we need to use long ropes and two snowmobiles to pull each sled, which frequently get stuck in the slush (mixture of sea water and snow), on the ice. We need six hours to reach Nedlukseak.

The weather is beautiful when we arrived at the lake on Friday night, but deteriorates on Saturday morning. We spend more time inside the tent than out fishing or doing ice measurement in the area... relaxing time and good mood anyway. Snow is falling incessantly for two days. So much so that it ends up tumbling down the mountain...