• Campement Fishing Derby dimanche soir
  • Leah recueille notre petite famille apres l'avalanche
  • Campement Fishing Derby apres avalanche lundi matin

On Monday morning, an avalanche hit us. An avalanche of powder snow, ultra fast. We were having breakfast in the tent when the snow has buried us, our sledge was lying partly on top of us. Fortunately people have witnessed the accident, some had to run to escape the snow slide. It was a great fear for everybody. Eric managed to extricate himself from the ripped tent, I thought I suffocate under the weight of snow with Leonie on top of me in panic... Anyway, we just escaped. Then we lived a great moment of solidarity. Twenty friends worked, some helping to found our material, other reassuring and warming our traumatized girls, welcoming us all into their warm shelter, which one was quickly removed from the danger zone. Only our shovel and our boots were lost, our tent was destroyed, and we ended up with few injuries. Leonie has a bruise and a scar that heals slowly on the back of the head (which has worried us), Aurore has nothing, Eric wears a neck brace to relieve pain after a blow (hard to know exactly what happened...) and I heal a small cut to the ear, but something hit me hard on the same side, my jaw which had moved have recovered, there is probably only a small fracture in the cheekbone. Eric and I relief pain with analgesics. The shock passed, we understand that it could have been much worse...