Cold and diving

  • Laurent rapporte des algues
  • Site de plongee au pied d un petit iceberg
  • Chien intrigue
  • Eric slurp gun pres iceberg

-37°C today. The children stay in the gym and do not go outside for recess. Exceptionally.
Blue Soul team came in 4 days ago, they have been diving everyday since. Collecting algae allowed the divers to make good contact with some villagers. Diving under the ice requires so much effort, that it would not make sense to bring back images only... but picking up algae, which we love here, was a happy success!

Laurent has been dreaming of returning to see an iceberg closely. The one he has explored in September is still there, grounded in front of the village, but it is too threatening. I suggest a more modest iceberg near Vagabond. This is our supply of fresh water! Time to make the hole, and the other iceberg collapses, breaking the ice dramatically...

Beside the hole, two small heated tents. Under the ice, another world. By this cold, it takes quite a logistics to access, even snorkelling, at the hidden side of the ice, sea ice and iceberg. Our iceberg is grounded on a thirty meters deep seabed. Very nice diving shared with Jacques and Laurent.