Rodeo with the bear!

  • Ours apercu en partant pour l'ecole
  • Un ours passe non loin de Vagabond

Yesterday evening while returning to the boat, surprise, the seal meat cache for our dog was all open, trampled with bear tracks.

And this morning, when going to school, Aurore, out first on the deck, turned to us with a big smile: I see a bear! We enjoyed watching him, we filmed him from the deck, then it was time to go to school.

The bear was walking fast towards the village. Together with Aurore and Leonie on the snowmobile we were going in the same direction as the bear, he was getting closer and closer. He got scared and started running. Until we passed him, that's when it turned back to our bay! Once at school the girls were happy to tell this morning adventure. "You had your rodeo with the bear!" said Daisy.

The next night, everyone was sleeping and I was about to go to bed too when Annu barked. The bear was back and leading directly to the seal meat cache near our dog, without paying attention to his barking. Should I start filming? Or scare him away? I woke up Eric after the big bangs on a metal lid didn't work.