9 years old!

  • Les copains arrivent pour feter l'anniversaire de Leonie
  • Leonie en apnee
  • Jour de baignade
  • Leonie a invite des copains pour ses 9 ans

Yesterday Leonie celebrated her 9th birthday. Despite the blizzard, and thanks to the GPS, we could go to the village by snowmobile to pick up the happy guests (Sheema, Samantha, Becky, Nadine, Rita, and Jessie) to enjoy party and games on board Vagabond. Later in the evening, we had the family celebration!

Today, after my bi-monthly collection of bivalves, Leonie put on her suit to see beneath the surface, in the dive hole: "I was almost half of the ice!". Samantha did the same with Leonie's suit, then France tried with mine!