Measuring ice thickness

  • Eric mesure neige et glace pour calibration instrument
  • Mesure epaisseur banquise route de glace
  • Depanneuse
  • Eric et France en manip

Since 2011, Eric did alone the ice thickness measurements with the well known EM31. This instrument with long arms is detecting water surface under the ice, and tells it all via electromagnetic waves to the heart of the instrument. Eric has been pulling the instrument by skidoo, on foot, on skis, on various distances, various durations from few hours to one week. We were already doing these measurements in Svalbard 10 years ago by joining field work and fun: ski and EM31 towed by our dogs!

But these days I could go with Eric again. This time in nice conditions and maximum safety, two skidoos, in the marvellous landscape. First we followed the recently levelled ice road going to Tasialuit (45km). In the village, many people were expecting the ice thickness data along the way. Then back zigzagging to well cover the area, not without some extensions along a fjord. Frequent stops to check that the equipment still works (by -34°C, you never know), to take a picture, for a snack, for a numb...

The first day, after a few hours, a snowmobile broke down. Unable to repair on site, we kept going both of us on the same snowmobile. The next day we went back to pick it up, we hoisted and strapped it onto a sled and then brought it to the town's garage. The following day we took the route carefully chosen by Eric, drawing geometric lines on the flat and white surface of another fjord. What a satisfaction to cover miles that will reveal what we can not see!