Goodbye Greenland

  • Vagabond traverse la baie de Baffin

The mild Greenlandic summer is already behind us. Six dives, six different sites. At the last one, close to Upernavik, Leonie and Aurore went in the water too. I'm standing on a little island and watching for Yves and Eric's safety, this time they are using dive tanks. And I cannot believe my eyes looking at Leonie from a distance, small dark spot swimming away from Vagabond! Aurore, less reckless due to some holes in her old diving suit, is happy paddling at the bottom of the ladder.

Hello Nunavut! Since we arrive, no coraline. After three days to cross Baffin Bay, a nice passage between Pond Inlet and Bylot Island, we are following Devon Island enjoying, at last, fair winds. Life on board is easy and pleasant again, we can even all sit together around the table for diner while sailing.

Jochen has been dropping his dedicated camera at many locations, hoping to see some of this much talked-about pink coraline, but he is always finding sand or gravel. We are all looking forward to get to a good sampling site.