Success at Devon Island

  • Belle collecte de coraline ile Beechey

This morning, thermometers are showing +2°C, both air and water temperatures. After another search with the underwater camera, we are leaving for one and a half day of sailing. Jochen is getting nervous. But the little bay he picked up appears to be a good spot. Before diving, the entire crew is happy to walk on the small and arid island laying in the middle of the bay. We feel like being on Mars. And alone! Pile of sharp limestones, barren ground at a first look. Then a few skuas, pretending to be injured to attract us away from their chicks. Some muskox shit, witness of their stay in winter when the bay is frozen. A big and old whale head bone. Large rocky slabs are promising nice sea floor and are offering an exotic playground to Leonie and Aurore.

In the evening, at last, all is ready for diving. There will be three dives in a row, there is so much to sample! Leonie is back in the water, Celine is also collecting her first samples with Yves, and I'm very happy to try my free dive suit under the 10pm sun... We believe again in Devon Island, and we are dilighted with Jochen's smile!