She is floatting!

  • Equipage Vagabond pret a reprendre la mer
  • Leonie et Aurore impatientent de voir Vagabond flotter

In the end, we waited for twelve days. Twelve days to cross the few meters keeping Vagabond away from the water. Here we are, Vagabond is floating again, since 3pm today, July 11th. Going through a short check-list, and we leave Goose Bay. Heading to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, via southern Labrador and the West coast of Newfounland.

Doreen has been welcoming us in her house, when mosquitoes or rain were giving us a hard time camping. We enjoyed tasting some fresh food from her garden. She also let us use her car to explore Goose Bay surroundings or to look for some spare parts for the boat. Thank you!

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