• Municipalite Cartwright
  • Beaucoup d icebergs le long des cotes du Labrador

Going down Melville Lake, Vagabond is almost doing 12 knots! She's looking forward to be back to the sea and to see icebergs again. Here they are, coming from the Arctic. In terms of polar navigation, that's all for this year...

Our speed drops to less than 2 knots as we approach Cartwright, when the headwind blows at 55 knots. So we appreciate the stopover in this small village of 520 inhabitants (same size as Qikiqtarjuaq, where we stayed 3 years, in Nunavut). The good breeze drives away mosquitoes and black flies (worse than mosquitoes), and that's good.

A Swiss sailboat is also in Cartwright, before heading to Greenland, when winds will be fair. Nice encounter.