Port Saunders

  • Trampoline Port Saunders
  • Vagabond a Port Saunders

For our first stop in Newfoundland, after crossing the Strait of Belle Isle, we choose a small wharf in Port Saunders, drowned in a thick mist. We are right in front of George's house, who is as sympathetic as his accent is difficult to understand! He is fishing from the dock, also the girls are in a hurry to get out the hooks. Léonie catches a sculpin, but she releases it (too many edges)... George finally offers us a big bag of cod fillets, both frozen and dried.

The Lavers family lives 50 meters from the wharf. She is welcoming us home for showers, and lending us a huge pick-up to visit the surroundings! Aurore and Léonie prefer the trampoline with their children, while France and I take the road to Port au Choix and up to Point Riche, where we meet with a not shy caribou. Good news, far fewer mosquitoes here than in Labrador.