Cape Anguille

  • Beau temps belle mer
  • Navigation estivale au sud de Terre-Neuve

Since I bought Vagabond in October 1999, we never had sailed so little during the summer! After 17 consecutive seasons in the Arctic, it is strange, and enjoyable, to frequent temperate waters. Here we are further south than Brest!

No drifting ice, no unknown shoal, good charts and reliable weather forecasts, internet on board thanks to the mobile network, water at almost 15°C... only a slight head wind has been persisting for 3 Days, keeping us a little away from the ideal cruise. We are really enjoying this easy sailing along the west coast of Newfoundland. Aurore and Leonie grew up, they take part more and more in the navigation!

Shortly after Cape Anguille, southwest of Newfoundland, we enter the very small harbor of Codroy: the name of the village comes from 'cod' and 'roi' (king). We watch a good load of soles being offloaded. The village is also known for its large Anglican church.