Acrobatics for a genoa

  • Assistance inesperee
  • Genois coince

Afloat, we take advantage of the calm to haul down the genoa which will need to be repaired. But he does not go down, stuck at mid-slope! It is the profile of the reel that makes an elbow, and this since Vagabond encountered an iceberg three years ago... So I put on my harness and slip along the profile from the crow's nest. While I try unsuccessfully to open a stuck shackle, a nice France Elevator's truck is visiting us! Jonathan, of the municipal services, gently offers his help. "I did not expect to save a woman in the air today!" he laughs. "And she has the same name as your truck!" says Eric. So two of us perched in his nacelle, with big shots of mass we finally succeed to bring down this genoa.