On land?

  • Vagabond tout juste sorti de l eau a Miquelon
  • Vagabond 28 tonnes

... But everything does not go smoothly as on wheels, especially with those of the Boat Lift which should bring Vagabond out of the sea: once our boat is well secured on this trolley, the wheels slip on the slope too steep of the slipway. After many attempts the operator deduces that Vagabond is finally too heavy. We are concerned... Where could we go if it does not work here? But time has passed and the tide no longer allows us to go back down into the water. Vagabond is stuck at mid-slope perched on this trolley! We will wait for the high tide at midnight to refloat Vagabond, without being able to get on board. Opportunity to speak about the welcome of the Miquelonians since a house is loaned to us by the Boat Lift company.

The next day at high tide, a tractor is hooked to reinforce the Boat Lift and Vagabond comes out of the water easily.