• Stage photo a bord de Vagabond

Vagabond is coming back to Greenland's capital. Here, on June 1st, will start the 2019 scientific cruise. Two months of underwater exploration along Greenland West Coast, to sample coralline, the red algae telling about the Arctic ocean past. The second part of the mission will be in Nunavut.

From Narsarsuaq, our photographers are lucky with a nice spring cruise, we are all enjoying this Greenlandic coastal sailing. Aurore and Leonie are taking photo lessons with Christian. Pascal, Claude and Robert are so enthusiasts that one cannot resist to taking pictures!

When leaving Ipiutaq, Vagabond has hit hard a shoal. I dived to have a look, nothing, just a scratch and some paint off. Once more, we admire the strength of our faithful red hull.